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Dec. 6th, 2011 11:50 am
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Sunny had been busy since the events of the nuclear incident, working on a project whenever she could find parts to do so with.  In fact, the imaginary friends that had run loose got to see a bit of her creative process, even if in the end the drawing they saw had spiraled more into a child's representation of what had happened as the little girl processed the event.

Yet when she woke on the sixth, Sunny's mind had completely lost all track of her project in it's original context, and she'd barely restrained herself from darting out into the front yard in just her nightgown to play in the fallen snow.  After all, even though she knew what was laying on the ground, she'd never had a chance to actually play in it.  So she was more than going to take advantage of the situation.

What's this mean, you may ask?  Well, it means that one six year-old girl is having fun.  Want to catch her:

A.  Playing in the snow near her home on Stevens road?  Or maybe you're in her household?  Feel free to come help her build snowmen, or pelt her with snowballs or whatever.  Right now she's busy making a snow fort, although it looks like it'll fall over with any touch.

B.  Sunny's pulled out her project, a sort of catapult, and altered it a bit.  Instead of shooting sharp projectiles - where did she even get that idea? - it's now shooting snow balls.  Lots of snowballs.  And it's small enough she's taking it around Mayfield and pelting anyone she knows, and maybe even some people she doesn't know, with all the balls on it.  Care to tell her this is not funny?  Maybe just join in?

C.  Soaked through, Sunny's counting out change in the grocery store, trying to figure out if she's located enough to buy some hot chocolate mix?  That, and trying to reach the stuff, as it's just a little too high for her.  Care to help out?

[ooc:  Open season for pelting Sunny with snowballs or destroying her snow fort.  Or, hey, teach her new things to do with the snow! If there's anything else you'd like to do, let me know!]


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