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Nov. 26th, 2011 09:36 pm
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Sunny had known something was coming the night before, just by the phonecall and the fact that she had experienced, luckily only by hearsay and what she saw from her own house, some of Mayfield's shenanigans.  Yet, despite that, it had scared her, and she had at some point went to hang out with Sanguinius for a short time.

Yet, as nothing big seemed to be happening, and she was getting tired, eventually Sunny retired off to bed.  Her sleep was restless to begin, affected still by that feeling that the phone call had given her, but when she felt a shift in the air - it was colder - her eyes came open almost immediately.

What she saw left her speechless, and all she could do was scan around the rubble and the sky.  That sky, with the pillar off in the distance, was what caused her to finally break her silence, a sharp gasp escaping her lungs, before she stood quickly, not bothering to watch where she was going, and started to move towards where the other's in the house's rooms would be, calling for Sora and Sanguinius as loudly as she could manage, all sign of any stutter she may have still had completely gone.

In the Areas Around Stevens Road

Although Sunny had spent most of the morning hiding down in whatever counted as a basement for her home, crying and trying to compose herself, she had now found her way back out to start picking about the rubble of not only what was her home but others, looking for possible useful items.

So far, all she's found is sitting beside her, and really it doesn't seem all that useful:  Scraps of cloth, some bent and damaged silverware, what seems to be part of the toaster - wires included - and a few cans of one food or another, banged up pretty badly but still closed.

While she digs, occasionally she brings one hand up to her eyes, wiping them, and if you're close enough, you may hear a little bit of sniffling coming from the little girl.  She's also obviously managed to cut at least one foot on the bottom, but seems to be ignoring it for the moment.


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