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[Purple is Sue, Pink is Puffy and Blue is Sunny]

Sunny and Sue had discussed baking cookies the day they met, one of the links between the girls being a love of cooking - Mayfield would be so proud - but it had taken until now to make arrangements for invading one or the other's homes.   Said invaded home in this case was Sunny's.

So the two little girls, after Sunny had let Sue into the house, had gravitated towards the kitchen where they had begun working on chocolate chip cookies.  All was going well to begin, Sue knowing what she was doing and Sunny being the kind to follow directions, before a little trouble-maker decided to interject himself.

So we add these things here to the cookie batter and-
Poof poof?
Puffy, no, don't try to eat it, we haven't even cooked it yet!
No, Puffy- H-hey, get away from that!

Puffy knocked over the bag of flour onto the floor. In her attempt to keep it from falling and making a mess, Sue was too late and ended up slipping on the substance and crashed to the floor herself, in the process knocking over the carton of eggs.

Ah!  S-Sue are you alright?

Of course, while saying this and moving to help her friend, Sunny herself would screech as Puffy, darting away from Sue's fall and the collapse of flour and eggs, also managed to tip the carton of milk right over onto both of the girls, and boy was it cold!  Puffy would then go bounding off to the doorway, away from the girls.
Not!Family, feel free to come in on this...

Around Town

Today Mayfield, you aren't greeted by the sight of people under the affect of mushrooms, alienized, or even doing other odd and peculiar things that this town is known for.  In fact, maybe it's entirely normal for two girls to go running down the street, drenched and covered in flour, chasing - oh, no, maybe what they're chasing isn't normal.

So today Mayfield, you have two girls chasing this thing, the two girls covered in flour and soaked through, yelling things like "Puffy!" and "Puffy, get back here!"  Want to help them catch it?  Watch and laugh?  Just wonder why it is you have to be stuck in Mayfield for the 1000th time?  Feel free!

[ooc:  Responses will be You - Sue - Sunny]
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