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Program 1

[It might have seemed strange if she had said it to anyone, but Sunny actually knew she wasn't in the same place as when she went because she didn't hear the sounds she should have.  There was no sounds of an engine, either of the Nomad or a vehicle like a car, or the sound of Snake's coughing.  There wasn't even the gentle hum of laptops being powered.]

[Eyes opening, she took in her surroundings from the bed she was in.  The room seemed normal enough, but she found, as she climbed out from the bed as quietly as she could manage, that her clothes had been switched out.  Not that she was adverse to a nightgown, she had a few she used, but this color of pale pink didn't tend to be her style, and she was sure none of hers were this frilly.]

[Keeping her movements slow so as not to make any sound, Sunny was quick to change into a sweater and skirt, and place some Mary Jane's on her feet.  She then did something else that may have been considered unusual for a six year-old, and grabbed out the wire hanger the skirt she'd grabbed was hanging on.  A few twists, wherein she made a few small grunts, and she had it set up so that the wire tips were pointing out.  Snake and Uncle Hal may not have realized it, but the girl had listened in and taken some notes on Snake's survival skills.]

[Padding out of the room, makeshift weapon in hand, Sunny noticed the pictures on the wall as she passed them, before starting down the stairs in her usual manner of one foot down, pause, next foot on the same step as the first, pause, and repeat.  She'll be looking for anyone else in the house.]

[Phone: Not Filtered]

[There's a pause before her voice comes over the phone, quiet but as firm as she can make it considering the situation]

I-I'm sorry if I'm di-disturbing anyone with this, but I was told that o-others from my place may be here.  My name's Sunny Gurlukovich, and, and if S-Snake or Uncle Hal is here, or someone else I know, please tell me...  A-and it's nice to meet the rest of you...

[Around Mayfield]

[Sunny's decided she should at least look over the town a bit, so you can find her at a few places now that she's arrived]

A.  The elementary school after it's let out.  Since she will have been told she needs to come here, she's found her way and is studying the place a little bit; it's not like anything she's seen!

B.  The park.  She didn't intend to stop, but the park caught her eye and she's found her way to a small playground and is sort of swinging herself as best she can on one of the swings.

C.  In your neighborhood, possibly looking just a slight bit lost.  Although she has a good enough sense of direction, Mayfield is so much larger than she's used to, and all the houses looking the same, she's gotten turned about a bit.  Those who want to just say hi or see if they can't help the poor girl, feel free to stop her.