Oct. 13th, 2011

Program 1

Oct. 13th, 2011 08:12 pm
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[Action: Closed to 2236 Stevens Road] )

[Phone: Not Filtered]

[There's a pause before her voice comes over the phone, quiet but as firm as she can make it considering the situation]

I-I'm sorry if I'm di-disturbing anyone with this, but I was told that o-others from my place may be here.  My name's Sunny Gurlukovich, and, and if S-Snake or Uncle Hal is here, or someone else I know, please tell me...  A-and it's nice to meet the rest of you...

[Around Mayfield]

[Sunny's decided she should at least look over the town a bit, so you can find her at a few places now that she's arrived]

A.  The elementary school after it's let out.  Since she will have been told she needs to come here, she's found her way and is studying the place a little bit; it's not like anything she's seen!

B.  The park.  She didn't intend to stop, but the park caught her eye and she's found her way to a small playground and is sort of swinging herself as best she can on one of the swings.

C.  In your neighborhood, possibly looking just a slight bit lost.  Although she has a good enough sense of direction, Mayfield is so much larger than she's used to, and all the houses looking the same, she's gotten turned about a bit.  Those who want to just say hi or see if they can't help the poor girl, feel free to stop her.


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