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Like most of Mayfield, Sunny's preparing for the worst after hearing that phonecall, and realizing the power is definitely acting odd.  And although the tree down at the park has caught her attention today as she moves about, perhaps due to who she's lived with over her short life, she's ignoring her curiousity about it for the moment in favor of trying to get things done that may be necessary.

So first thing that morning, despite the fact she knows she probably should be heading off to school (is it still even open?  She isn't checking), Sunny hustles her way over to where Ruri lives, and gets permission to raid the Nadesico's databanks a bit.  So, paper in hand, the girl spends a good hour there perusing the files and writing and drawing things down, before leaving.  For the rest of the day, you can find her about doing the following.

A.  Sunny's out behind whatever stores sale appliances, a small hand-made cart (read: it looks like she took the wheels she managed to use for her catapult, two flat cooking pans and lots of duct tape to make it), scrounging for any metal, wires, batteries, etc that they've tossed out for some reason.  She really doesn't expect to find much, but she'll try anyway.

B.  Out behind the grocery store stealing some of the seran-wrap like plastic they use to seal large amounts of boxes together.

C.  There's a small form poking out from the car's hood.  Nearby is a small stepstool, which is obviously how she got up there, and the sound of metal on metal mixed with the occasional grunting as Sunny seems to be trying to take parts of the engine apart.  She's pretty much got permission, since it doesn't seem her not!dad can fit in it, and Sora if she wants the car...  well, maybe after things are done.

D.  The plastic wrap is now covering the garage floor, a few sheets thick, and the car's engine lays on top of it, as well as a few other items.  Sunny seems to be working presently on getting some wires together using what tools she found.  Most likely, to others, it looks a little bit like she's just messing around, but if anyone who works with electronics or mechanics look close enough, they may notice that the item's chosen may be able to be used for a small heater of some form.  Those who don't know, may just notice that she doesn't seem to be wearing any heavy or frilly clothes.

[Phone - Filtered away from Drones]
U-um... I do-don't know i-if the power w-will stay out l-long but...  I c-can build a sort of s-space heater with c-car parts and some o-other things if anyone wants me t-to and can s-supply parts.  I-I'm at 2236 St-stevens road if y-you're interested.  Ask for S-Sunny.
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